The Ceramics Area Expansion!

What started as a humble ceramics area at the Lenox Building has grown to an amazing space at the Norwich Building.  Thanks to the popularity of the weekly event, Cerveza and Ceramics Wednesday, the ceramics area has grown in member ship popularity.  This larger area will allow us to attract more potters to join the Makerspace and grow our membership.  Our first tasks were putting down new epoxy floor and building a pallet rack.  Now that pallet rack has expanded drying cabinets thanks to a donation from Frontroom Studios in Bayview.  Now we have lots of room for pots of all sizes.

At the last space improvement day lots of people chipped in to help organize and clean our glaze and kiln rooms. As well as mounting a new sink. cleaning equipment, mopping, and adding a new storage for communal tools. A lot got accomplished but there is still more to do.

The studio is continuing to grow and still has plans for more equipment like new work tables, a dedicated table for the pug mill, and expanded throwing area. The plan below is a rough idea for the new expansion’s layout. There are much more in the works including new equipment and more events.