Milwaukee Makerspace, at its heart, is a place for people who like to build, invent, tinker and/or learn new skills and expand their minds. We have a wide range of skill sets in our membership and you’re likely to find someone who can talk about most any technical concept with you in a meaningful way. We are a physical space where you can come, 24/7 as a member, and have access to wide array of equipment you are not very likely to have at home. Plus, there are folks around the space that can give you tips and pointers on operating that equipment effectively. We will train you to use the equipment, and ask that you do the same for others.

We aim to foster a community of makers by providing an environment in terms of people, equipment and space that supports the creative process and personal growth. Modern software, the Internet and economies of scale have all come together to allow ordinary people with a little bit of know-how to begin blurring the lines between manufacturer and consumer. With some effort and the help of a growing community of makers it is possible for a lone individual to make things of amazing quality and functionality. Makerspaces that act as hubs for the maker community are popping up all over the world. We may be on the verge of the ‘Age of the Amateur’, as one blogger put it.

In our space you’ll find people into electronics, robots, wood working, embedded software, metal working (including welding, forging and casting) music, art, video, pottery, electric cars, sewing, textiles, printing and much more. We’ve found that having such people pursuing their interests in close proximity to one another leads to a lot of productively, personal satisfaction and some amazing collaborative projects. We hope you’ll come be a part it.

If you think you might like to join the Milwaukee Makerspace, you should come to one of our free and open-to-the public meetings (Some Tuesdays at 7PM). Please check our calendar for locations and details. Check us out. Try us out. Bring a project you could use a little advice on. See if the vibe feels right to you. In the process you’re likely to make a couple of friends who’d be willing to sponsor you as a member. With the sponsorships you can pay your first month’s dues and get access to the space. Why the sponsorship business? We need to make sure that we protect the safe and supportive environment that we’ve cultivated. To that end, we want to make sure that a couple members know you before you join. So, the free and open-to-the-public night not only gives you a chance to get to know us, but also give us a chance to get to know you.

This is the introduction we give new members when they join. If you are thinking about joining us, or just feel like learning more about how we operate, this is the video to watch!

Just what is the Milwaukee Makerspace?

Why should you check out Milwaukee Makerspace?

What sorts of skills do our members have?

What kinds of projects do we build?

We have 2 locations:

Main location:
2555 S Lenox St
Milwaukee WI 53207

Expansion location at Makers Village:
2517 E Norwich Ave
St Francis WI 53235