I Made Trash!

This week, I had the opportunity to create a unique housewarming gift for my coworkers who are moving into their first house. Being passionate about pottery and wanting to experiment with a themed set, I found the perfect inspiration after discussing ideas with Dennis and his wife Sabrina. Dennis, a member of a local band called the Stalley Cats, sparked the creative idea behind this gift. Although I may have embraced the alley cat theme wholeheartedly, the final result turned out to be a delightful surprise.


Bowls for Band Practice:

The project began with crafting a set of bowls intended for the band’s use during their practice sessions. Each bowl features the stamped logo of the Stalley Cats on the foot, adding a personalized touch to the pieces. These bowls will surely enhance the band’s practice sessions while providing a sense of unity and identity.

The Dumpster:

A Sticker Holder: During a conversation with Dennis, he mentioned that the band enjoys trading stickers with other local bands during their shows. That’s when the idea struck me to create a unique holder for their sticker collection. The solution? A dumpster! The dumpster serves as a creatively fitting container for their stickers, embracing the band’s lively spirit.

Vacuum-Formed Top and Custom Bowl Holder:

To elevate the presentation of the gift, I decided to go the extra mile. The top of the dumpster box is vacuum formed, giving it a sleek and polished appearance. Additionally, I crafted a custom bowl-shaped holder inside the box to ensure the stickers and other small items remain organized and easily accessible. The attention to detail in both the design and functionality of the gift showcases the dedication put into this project.

Creating this alley cat-themed housewarming gift has been an enjoyable experience from start to finish. The Stalley Cats-inspired pottery bowls, complete with the band’s logo, will serve them well during practice sessions. The dumpster sticker holder adds a unique touch and showcases their passion for trading stickers with fellow bands. Finally, the vacuum-formed top and custom bowl holder add an extra level of craftsmanship and practicality.

I’m thrilled to have completed this project on time, and I hope Dennis and Sabrina enjoy this one-of-a-kind gift as they settle into their new home. It’s a true testament to the joy of handmade creations and the personal touch they bring to special occasions.