Statement from the Board Members

The murder of George Floyd and the subsequent protests against police brutality have brought fresh light to the ongoing gross inequalities experienced by black, brown, immigrant, and minority communities here and across the nation. As individuals, we believe that the Makerspace as a community organization must not remain silent on these issues. We stand united with those who are struggling to achieve justice and equality.
Although the Makerspace has long prided itself on its diversity of opinion, we acknowledge that we have not yet achieved a similar degree of cultural and ethnic inclusivity. We know we have a lot of listening and learning ahead in order to change this. Nevertheless, today we reaffirm our stance that making is for all people and we pledge to do more to provide our members with equal opportunities for success within our own space.
We are actively re-examining our member conduct policies to ensure that no voice goes unheard, and no member feels unwelcome. We call on our fellow members to find ways they can better support and uplift our neighbors, colleagues, friends and family in the black community at all times, and in this particular moment of strife. We also welcome everyone’s feedback (however specific or general), on how the membership (Board included) might make further progress towards these goals.
To the communities who have been affected by inequality, we are listening, we see you, and we stand with you.
Be safe and look out for one another,
Milwaukee Makerspace Board of Directors

New Governance

The Board of Directors

How can we possibly top the recent news of our new space? We can’t! But that’s not the only new thing about Milwaukee Makerspace…

During the summer, as we searched for a new space, we were finding it more and more difficult to have decisions made by a large group. The logistics of trying to move and get 50 or more people to discuss the issues, and vote on the issues, and even do things like vote if we should have a vote… we found we were spending more time on bureaucracy and less time on making, and that’s no good!

Royce did an amazing job of being the President of Milwaukee Makerspace since it started, and we’re eternally grateful for all he’s done… and now he gets to spend more time doing awesome things while the following individuals fill out our Board of Directors:

  • Rich N – President
  • Jason G – Treasurer
  • Brant H – Operations Director
  • Pete P – Communications Director
  • Kevin B – Director at Large
  • Adam C – Director at Large
  • Jason H – Director at Large

For the next year these members will work to direct the Milwaukee Makerspace. It’ll be their jobs to discuss important issues with the members, and come to decisions that affect the group. If you’ve got important matters to discuss, find a board member and talk to them!

As we continue to grow we believe this is the right solution to managing a large group of people interested more in making than in talking about issues that may or may not affect the making. :)

Update: Shortly after the elections Rich resigned as President, and Brant was elected President in a special election. We then held another special election for a new Operations Director and Brent B. was elected. Some changes, but all for the best!