Power Wheels Racing

Race HeadLast month the Milwaukee Makerspace Racing Team packed up the cars and road tripped to2 images vertical Maker Faire Detroit.  After long nights working at the space until 4am for the week before the drive Ed, Kathy, Pete, Andy, Vishal, and too many others to mention got 3 cars race ready.  The Bluth Stair Car, Super Tux Kart, and Hippie Rose made the journey to Detroit without damage are and were a blast to drive.


Our 3 cars raced with 34 others in the biggest Power Racing Series event to date on the biggest track ever made.  It was great to see all the hard work paying off as the builders of the cars became the happy drivers of the cars. Both days of races were streamed live by our friends at Make Magazine to Twitch.tv where they can still be watched. Be sure to check out the race at Maker Faire Milwaukee September 24th-25th.


Check out the race from day one at the link below:


Make Magazine

Make Magazine

Do you subscribe to Make Magazine? You probably do… but if you’re ever at the space and want to look something up that is in the current issue… now you can!

After we appeared on Make: Live the fine folks at Make were kind enough to provide our space with a subscription.

So keep an eye out at the space for the latest issue, and give it a read if you’re so inclined. (And if you’re not a subscriber, what are you waiting for!?)